The SBI Education Value Proposition

We Believe in Active Learning
21st Century learners need 21st-century skills: collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving. An active learning ecosystem environment that includes spatial and furniture considerations which support student success in 21st-century skill development will positively impact student outcomes.

We Offer an Exceptionally Broad Portfolio of Vendors
With blended solutions that support the rhythm of learning without sacrificing quality and remaining competitively priced.

We are the most Experienced and Comprehensive dealership in the Metro Area
Founded in 1955, we have been the trusted partner of organizations throughout the area ever since, offering a full range of services including Asset Management, Move Services, Furniture Care, Space Planning, Installation, Reconfiguration and a full Finish and Fabric Resource Library.

We offer Solutions based on Scientific Research and an abundance of Resources
White Papers, Case Studies, User Stories, are just a few of the insights we use to provide the best solutions available. We also lead Test Drive Programs, Pilot Programs and Customer Trips to National Projects and Vendors.

We are Committed to Education
We are actively involved within the Education community through mentoring and collaboration groups.


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What is our Classroom Testdrive?

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