About the Project:

Jesuit Academy

Principal Glenn Mitchell’s vision for the project was to embark on classroom renovations that would not only transform their rooms to 21st Century standards but unequivocally equip their teachers to have the right resources to provide the kind of instruction that not only supports research-based best practices but will empower their students to reach greater heights due to having access to greater resources that makes learning fun.

The objectives for the project included:

  1. Create educational features to attract and retain the best students and faculty
  2. Provide additional worksurfaces, including table arms, are large enough to support both the analog and digital tools that students use in class
  3. Upgrade technology and furniture in classrooms for improved flexibility and student and faculty communication
  4. Design active learning classrooms to promote more interaction between students and instructors and active collaboration settings to promote movement, equal participation, and deeper engagement
  5. Consistent placement of levels of education from one floor to the next as a solution for wayfinding
  6. Highlight flexible spaces that support the new behaviors of learning
  7. Divide the spaces to support a range of activities

We provided a blended solution for classroom furniture that not only supports active learning but also allows for students and faculty to appropriately distance.  Seating which allows the user to move as they learn helps stimulate brain activity. The furniture as a whole can easily be moved to allow classroom setting to change from individual focused work, to lecture, to collaborative modes.

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