About the Project:

architectural solutions

Meeting the demountable wall requirements while working with the building structure is a challenge SBI takes readily. This project required a wall system that provided the stability to stand alone and not be tied to the ceiling grid. The Privacy Wall product with a cornice track fit these conditions, allowing for the use of existing lighting and fire sprinkler systems.

The office to the left of the reception highlights the variety of divided glass lite panels available.  A mix of dividing sizes and a glazing film puts an innovative spin on the design of the space.  Another element carried in the project was the use of angle brackets in our wall system, creating a curved demountable wall that generates a cohesive rhythm with several rounded patterns in the space. Not only can our wall systems work with varying architectural construction but the interior design as well.

Privacy Wall

Platinum Metallic

Cornice Track, not attached to the ceiling

Soft curved glass wall

A variety of glass lite designs