Education After Covid-19

Before the global pandemic, learning spaces had already started to move away from traditional classroom settings. The fast-paced evolution of technology, coupled with research into environments that supported better student outcomes, forced schools and colleges to rethink how they use space.

Now, in this unprecedented time, new considerations will factor into how learning spaces are designed and used. But, what does that mean and what will classrooms look like in a post-pandemic world?

Blended Learning and Social Distancing

With the forced shift to online learning, we can expect to see institutions consider e-learning a priority but classroom-based study will still remain a vital part of education. To reduce the risk of future illnesses spreading throughout schools and colleges, classrooms will most likely adopt designs that allow for ample distancing between learners, even going as far as providing screens to provide better protection from airborne germs.

Thought Starters

Our partner, Steelcase, put together some thought starters on how to implement social distancing classrooms, detailing before/after scenarios and options on distancing depending on need or preference.

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