From simply talking to the modern worker who spent the majority of their working life in an office, the thought of being able to get up and hour later in the morning, sit on the couch with a coffee and their laptop and work until 5PM in their pajamas (or possibly less than that), seems like the ultimate career goal.


Sure, working from home has some obvious perks.  You don’t have to go outside, you have free-reign over the thermostat and you don’t have to deal with Bob in Accounts Payable who seems to be having an ongoing battle with a bottle of Drakkar Noir.


We’re in a revolution of workplace change at the moment.  New technologies are destroying the borders which forced employees to be within a commutable radius of the office in order to get a job.  We can work pretty much from anywhere and still be connected to everyone.  But we should really take a moment to ask ourselves; is this really the future or is this just another trend that will inevitably implode?

The following video shows Steelcase’s observations on physical place versus virtual place.  It looks like we’re on the cusp of a workplace renaissance.