About the Project:

the connect at highlander accelerator

Introducing The Connect, an innovative, accessible place to connect through technology, professional growth opportunities, and inspiring spaces.

The Connect is a community classroom, technology lab, and digital library. Located within the Highlander Accelerator, The Connect offers the public free access to wifi, printing services, hardware rentals, creative software, meeting spaces, and educational workshops. The 3,000 sq. ft. space–made possible through the support of Cox Communications and Seventy Five North–is designed to serve the community’s most essential technology needs.

The Connect first opened its doors in June 2019 to host Highlander Code Camp, a 7-week, tech-based summer camp designed for high school students implemented through a partnership with AIM Institute. Today, the space houses more than 18 STEM-focused programs with the support of community partnerships and technology sponsors. Whether you are looking for a workshop to learn a new technical skill or a place to meet up and collaborate with others in your community, The Connect offers unique opportunities for both kids and adults.

architectural solutions

The implantation of an enclave was easily achieved using Privacy Walls. To add additional privacy for the users,  a decorative film on the glass was included. SBI provides a wide range of vinyl film designs and levels of privacy, including Casper Cloaking, which obscures digital screens to outside viewers.

Cornice track application was used to design the Privacy Wall system, allowing the structure to stand secure without attaching to the ceiling. This feature provides flexibility to areas with tall ceiling heights. However, an independent platform structure with acoustical ceiling tiles referred to as “lid on a box”, can be installed above the Privacy Wall through a 3rd party contractor.

Creating enclosed spaces quickly and cost-effectively are reasons that make the Privacy Wall system an excellent choice.

Privacy Wall

Platinum Metallic