About the Project:

PeopleService, Inc.

The corporate offices of PeopleService were in need of a refresh, as stated by their leadership team and staff. The furniture was old and the design of the space had become dated and didn’t allow for natural light to enter the working environment.

After conducting meetings and interviews with the employees of PeopleService to understand their interactions with the work environment as well as their wants and needs, the SBI team set out to redesign and refresh the space. A new style of carpet along with a fresh paint job was added to the space to provide a cleaner, brighter atmosphere. The personal workstations were redesigned to allow workers to be closer to the windows and paneling systems were provided to allow for greater collaboration without sacrificing privacy. Height-adjustable desks were provided to allow workers to choose their posture while they work.

In the end, we received extremely positive feedback from the team at PeopleService who ultimately leaned on us to guide them through the process and ensure that their needs were met.