About the Project:

nebraska chiropractic physicians association

In the early months of 2010, the NCPA began a period of steady growth and needed to have their space accommodate new employees and provide areas that allow for multiple work modes.  Since 2010, SBI has been the sole partner for the NCPA’s expansion projects, providing new areas for 4 new employees and another 4 in 2012.  In 2015, the NCPA partnered with SBI to remodel their lobby which provided a new private office and work spaces for 3 new employees.  By 2017, a full expansion was required and the NCPA planned new spaces in the newly-vacated offices across the hall from their existing space which will allow them to continue their objective for consistent growth in the future.

Product Lines:



ERG International

ESI Ergonomics

Groupe LaCasse



Architectural Solutions

The options available in our Privacy Wall system was creatively implemented in this project. Two finishes were specified to meet the aesthetic vision of the client. Carbon Metallic finish blended beautifully with traditional wood panels and doors, creating a professional and sophisticated setting. The Platinum Metallic finish of the conference room draws the eyes to the view provided by the continuous wall of windows.  The double sliding door in the conference room met the code requirement set for occupancy and egress standards.

Other features and options selected are Satin film on the glass to add additional privacy and locks on doors with capability for master locking. Our wall systems have endless design options that meet any aesthetic and functional goals.

Privacy Wall

Platinum Finish

Satin Glass Film