Hansen Mueller

12231 Emmet Street, Suite 1,

Omaha, NE 68164

About the Project:

architectural solutions

The exceptional acoustics and contemporary style of the V.I.A. wall system fulfilled the design concept for this client. Acoustically, V.I.A. holds the most superior STC rating in the demountable wall industry, boasting a rating of up to 56 STC. This particular project has double glazing of 3/8″ + 1/4″ and 1/2″ thick glass door. The frameless sliding door, at each end of the conference room, has the standard drop seal at the bottom, ensuring additional privacy when they are closed.

Our wall systems boast of unlimited creative designs. The 135° edges soften the corners of the conference room giving an element of an architectural feature. A laminated wood veneer solid skin panel was selected to add a barrier for the backside of the monitor. The flexibility of V.I.A. provides this panel to be quickly changed to a full double glazed panel without the need to take the entire system apart.


Platinum Metallic


3/8″ +1/4″

Solid Skin Laminate w/wood grain: finish Winter on Maple 40″ width

8′ high

Angled Corners