About the Project:

Farm Credit Services of America: 4885 Building

FCSAmerica wanted to offer an environment of spirited teamwork to its employees to align with their culture.  At the 4885 building, they have provided a space where workers can collaborate on an elevated level while not losing spaces to hold private meetings or conversation.

product highlights

Steelcase Flex Collection

Steelcase V.I.A.

Orangebox Away from the Desk

architectural solutions

If acoustical privacy and creative space division are required, then V.I.A. and Post and Beam are solutions that would accommodate these needs. The V.I.A. constructed conference room serves as a meeting space ensuring superior acoustical performance. This is achieved by a variety of aspects including, but not limited to, double glazed skins, integrated seals at all touchpoints, and drop seals on the doors. The solid skin walls provide surface flexibility and are easily modified. These skins can be interchanged between glass, technology shrouds, whiteboards, and solid skins, all without taking the entire system apart.

The Post and Beam to the right of the V.I.A. is a structural framework that creates definition between spaces. Infill options are numerous and provide functions such as technology, writing surface, and sound absorption. Design options are limitless with shelves, screens, and a host of other work tools that attach anywhere along the structure.

Many of our Architectural Solutions products can be integrated together. The benefits equate to having the ability to create custom designs and meet budget requirements. At SBI, we understand that each space is unique and no two businesses are the same. We specialize in providing a wide range of solutions for our clients.