About the Project:

commerce village

Space: 22,000 Square Feet

Originally the Burlington Mail Terminal was a mail-sorting checkpoint that opened in 1926 and was designed to allow the processing of special documents and large sums of money, making the security and efficiency of the facility extremely important.  After its closing as a mail facility in the 1970’s, the building spent nearly half its life crumbling under the stresses of meglect and disuse until one of the largest historic tax credit projects in Nebraska in the last decade launched it into the 21st century.  Commerce Village is now located in the former garage of the building where trains would stop and collect mail.

Commerce Village is Omaha’s newest co-working space.  The master plan behind Commerce Village was to provide accessible day-to-day business amenities to entrpreneurs so they could focus on the growth of their businesses.  Virtual memberships are also available for mail services and meeting spaces. Non-members can also rent out conference and meeting rooms. The interiors were designed to promote team collaboration and spontaneous interactions with other entrpreneurs, creatives, and thinkers to inspire new ideas and help people network organically.

Product Lines: