About the Project:

Central Sales Lighting Systems

6940 South 108th Street

LaVista, NE 68128


Central Sales Lighting, who were looking to relocate to a new space, came to us with a request for 18 workstations that needed to be selected, designed, delivered, and installed within a short timeframe.  Within two weeks of the initial meeting, we were able to finalize the design and finishes for the products. The initial installation was complete within 2 days and final punchlist items were completed shortly after.  Although not a concern at the time of installation, the products have been extremely useful in light of the Covid pandemic as the workstations were more than adequately spaced, and the panels allowed for collaboration without sacrificing protection.

What Our Client Said:

Our experience with our Workplace Consultants was great, from the time we began the process to the time of order was very quick…And the team at SBI moved at the same speed that we were moving and were very upfront about timelines and next steps which was perfect.  We knew exactly what to expect and it made the process much less daunting.

From an installation and project management standpoint, we have no complaints.  They came in and did a great job.  They were very professional, and if something wasn’t to their satisfaction, they were the ones to point it out to us and replaced parts as needed to provide the product that we were expecting.  They didn’t waste time and just got the job done.

Between Justin, Ali, and Justina, they made great suggestions and they were able to show us a few different options within SBI’s showroom that helped us make our final decisions on a few key items.  They were also able to show us renderings and application photos that helped us feel comfortable with our decisions.  They were extremely helpful and didn’t leave us hanging to guess on anything.

At this point, the product looks great and from a quality standpoint we have no issues to date.  Looking forward to many years in here!

After installation the team came back out to replace a few parts that they had to have shipped to Omaha.  They came in and did the job without any issues and we didn’t have to follow-up about when things would be replaced/fixed, they just handled it.

Because of our move and choices we have been able to stay in our workplace the entire time during Covid.  The overall workplace attitude has improved as well.  The individual work space and upgrades for each work space has increased employee satisfaction and overall productivity.  I think our team looks forward to being in the office now. – Nick Beard