Investment Incentives
Some of the Basics
Oversight in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act...

Investment Incentives

Investment Incentives

Available under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 – whether you pay cash or finance it!

Two incentives coupled to your total annual capital expenditures:
Section 179 Expensing

Use it this year to expense 100% of the cost of qualifying property if your total expenditures will be $1,000,000 or less.

100% Bonus Depreciation

Use it this year to deduct bonus depreciation equal to the full cost of qualifying property – no matter how much you spend

Use them both

If your total expenditures will be between $1,000,000 and $3,500,000

Even if you exceed the Section 179 limits, you still get Bonus Depreciation

Lower your taxes – by maximizing your deductions! Ask us to explain how much you’ll save by showing you our calculator tools.

Accelerate your cash flow – MORE CASH available to spend on your core business.

Improve your return on assets – get the majority of the investment off your (tax) books sooner.

Lower your life-cycle costs – the present value of tax savings could be worth $44,955 on $1 million of furniture purchases using a 12% cost of capital.

The majority of Steelcase products qualify – includes furniture, access floors, movable walls, most lighting, modular power, technology products, etc. (design and installation fees also qualify).

Financing for improved cash flow – combined with financing from Steelcase Financial Services, you can acquire a new work environment with very little or no cash outlay in year one.  Ask us about eligibility requirements and a quote on the Smart Financing promotional offer with rates as low as 0% for 3 years.