Why SBI?

Why we do it:

36% of adult life is spent in the workplace. We believe that the workplace matters because it changes the way we collaborate, inspire, and learn. The best workplaces can optimize productivity, but more importantly, they can make us happier. The bottom line is that our business is to study how people work and to improve work lives through improving space.

How we do it:

We get to know you to understand your needs and discover where you want to go. We then use evidence driven design, complimented with quality products and unparalleled service to create a more efficient and effective workplace.

What we do:

We partner with clients of all shapes and sizes; We treat our clients in a way that we want to be treated, with the type of treatment that fosters life-long relationships. With your vision in mind we create customized workplaces that enhance the brand, culture, and collaboration….and then we execute it flawlessly with an installation team that is second to none.

We Empower Work Life.

Startup Culture

Companies of all sizes are on a mission to create exciting, authentic environments that communicate a sense of personality, passion, and self-expression. They’re looking to enable and sustain the kind of agility that makes quick pivots and the constant flow of ideas possible. When these flow together in equal measure, what results is something we’re calling startup culture.



For the past year, turnstone researchers, in partnership with Steelcase WorkSpace Futures researchers, traveled the U.S. to spend time with founders of small companies (entrepreneurs) to learn about what they value, how they do business, how they craft their teams, and perhaps most interestingly, how they foster a culture that produces engaged employees and attracts and retains talent.

Last summer, we began the second phase of research on intrapreneurs. Intrapreneurs are the disruptive, boundary-pushing innovators in leading organizations. These people work around and among layers of policies and legal structures on highly confidential projects, bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to the large companies in which they work.

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