What is the SBI + Steelcase Healthcare Pop-Up?

The SBI + Steelcase Healthcare Pop-Up will be an opportunity for you and your team to see 7 different settings of Healthcare furniture and learn the “why” behind it. Steelcase tours the country with this concept, SBI and Omaha is lucky enough to have an opportunity to showcase these wonderful products. Please join us for a tour at 10250 Regency Circle! Keep reading to learn more about Steelcase’s belief in Making Space for Health.

Why is this important?

At Steelcase Health, we believe that experiences of care begin with more caring spaces. ​

We know that spaces can have a profound impact on health outcomes—influencing the overall wellbeing of everyone involved in the complex work of care. ​

Health Concepts

Steelcase imagines a healthier future.

A future centered around personalized, predictive care. A future where technology is meaningfully integrated, and systems are flexible and responsive to the needs of all.

Healthier Patients. We’re all patients and family members. We study the places that support health and then deliver insights, applications, and solutions designed to ensure patients and their loved ones feel safe, comforted, and supported.

Healthier Clinicians. We believe the places where clinicians work should help them collaborate effectively, work efficiently, and think creatively—and then help them recharge so they can do it again.

Healthier Systems and Communities. We help healthcare organizations and communities achieve more by designing innovative solutions that promote healthy lifestyles and accessible care beyond the physician’s office or the four walls of a hospital.

Steelcase Health continuously tracks and researches the healthcare industry to design evidence-based, safe and sustainable solutions for people who receive care and those who provide it.

Designing for Comfort + Control

Approachable and refined yet clinically relevant solutions designed for the range of people who use them (West Elm Health Collection)

Designing for Inclusivity + Equity

A “One-size-fits-all” approach to healthcare spaces is giving way to distinct environments that uniquely support the users and needs of specific populations. (pediatrics, behavioral health, telehealth, etc.)

Behavioral Health Is Taking Priority

There is an urgent focus on design strategies for destigmatizing behavioral health, elevating patient experience and safety, and improving community health integration.

Renewed Focus on Caring for Caregivers

Focus on the need to provide clinicians and employees with spaces and resources that allow them to work smarter and consider their wellbeing.

What is New for Steelcase Health:

  • West Elm Health Collection
  • Moduform – Behavioral Health Partner
  • Designtex Health

Experience the new concepts

Schedule your tour of our pop-up space in Regency and explore the future of healthcare spaces. Refreshments will be available for you during your visit. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Max Huerter.