Delivery & Installation
Planning & Design
Asset Management
Move Services

Delivery & Installation


Our expert moving staff makes your relocation a painless experience.  We help you plan your move and ensure that your belongings are treated with the utmost TLC.

Planning & Design


We can work with you and your architectural design firm to help turn your ideas into reality. At SBI, quality design and specification is achieved through hands-on experience, constant training and knowledge of available products as well as a client’s needs pertaining to project scope and budget.

Our designers have in-depth knowledge of our product lines, allowing them to create design plans within your scope and budget. Sheppard’s designers stay ahead of the curve, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions to our clients. They are experts in, Auto-CAD, CAP, CET and other design tools.

The key to workplace efficiency and a pleasing environment for all, lies within the technical specifications. So, let’s get started! Connect with our designers. They’re pretty creative!

Detailed Design Services:

  • Product Application Specialists
  • Furniture Selection
  • Inventory of New & Existing Furniture
  • New Product Education & Training
  • Space Planning

Asset Management

female warehouse manager

The SBI Asset Management Team will work with you to create an effective, easily manageable strategy for all of your stored assets. Sheppard’s Business Interiors’ Asset Management program makes it easy for you to maximize your furniture investment, while keeping extra assets secure and available. Our staff will help your company create a unique system to enhance the way you manage your inventory. Sheppard’s Business Interiors will provide you with simple, easy‐to‐use tools to track inventory status of each individual product.

Move Services


No move is easy, but at SBI we can help streamline this change, prepare your team, and get everything ready for work. We believe that you shouldn’t have to let moves impact your productivity. Instead, you should let our professionals manage your moves to maximize the communication and coordination essential for a successful experience.

With templates and guidelines designed to manage all of the details, our team facilitates entire moves for you. This means that we’ll post logistical information about the physical move, train users on their new furniture, and prepare your team for what to expect and when to expect it. And, because we also schedule the delivery of packing materials, nothing is left to chance. Additionally, we coordinate with your IT department or consultant to account for all technical aspects.

If necessary, we can even provide consulting services and develop protocols to optimize your new work environment.

Your Satisfaction Matters
Evaluating the success of your project and satisfaction matters. By doing so, management can prioritize modifications that will enhance efficiency and workplace satisfaction.