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Are you trying to figure out a way to get the furniture you really need with the budget you’ve been given?

Are you optimizing your cash flow?

Are you looking at your organization’s complete strategy for creating an interconnected workplace?

With Sheppard’s Business Interiors and Steelcase Financial Services, we can help.

Our Offer


You can choose to own the products or you can use the products now and in the future, decide whether you want to purchase or return them. You can count on us to help provide the best solutions.

And to make it easy, you can include both your work environment products and services like interior design, delivery, and installation into your low, monthly payment. Talk to us about how you can take advantage of financing, today!



Conserving Capital

Financing allows you to pay for your purchase in low monthly payments. Instead of tying up your money in a capital equipment purchase or utilizing bank loans. You retain your cash for investing in higher return opportunities. Financing also circumvents capital budget restraints.

Protecting your lines of credit

Financing allows you to keep your credit lines open and preserve your borrowing power for
other opportunities.

Managing your balance sheet

Certain options may help you to better manage the balance sheet and improve the overall financial picture including return on equity and return
on assets.

Realizing tax benefits

You may be able to deduct 100 percent of your payment as a business expense.

Maximizing purchasing power

Acquire what you want, when you need it.


Customize a program to address needs and requirements — cash flow, budget, cyclical fluctuations, and end-of-term options.



Do you want to have the benefits of owning the products or do you want to use them for a period of time and then have the flexibility of purchasing or returning at a later date?

Maybe there are parts of your workplace environment that you want to refresh every
few years.

Steelcase Financial Services can help fulfill those needs  from two of our most popular options:

Fair Market Value Lease

Used when flexibility of using products now with option to own or return later.

  • Lease payment may be able to be deducted by lessee
  • May qualify for off-balance sheet, operating lease treatment for reporting purposes
  • Lower payment compared to a $1 Buy Out Lease
  • At the end of the lease term, purchase products for fair market value, renew the lease or return products to Steelcase Financial Services because you are either done using them or you are going to refresh your space with all new products

$1 Buy Out Lease

Used when ownership is the main objective.

  • Depreciation expense may be able to be claimed by lessee
  • Interest portion of lease payment may be able to be deducted by lessee
  • At the end of the lease term, purchase the products
    for $1.00

Limited Time Offer

Now is the time to act!

Our Zero To Prime financing promotion helps you to take advantage of below market interest rates from 0% to the current prime rate (depending on the length of term), while creating a high performing, sustainable workplace that brings people together to focus, collaborate, socialize and learn.

Offer available to qualified commercial clients only. Minimum order $5,000. Steelcase Financial Services’ standard underwriting criteria apply.

Contact us (vasb%25fov-bznun%23pbz@no-spam.com) for eligibility requirements

Steelcase Financial Services can help you:

  • refresh your existing workplace with new, updated furniture and a more effective workplace
  • acquire the furniture you really want, when you need it
  • retain your cash for other needs keep your credit lines open and preserve your borrowing power for other opportunities

If it’s been a few years since your organization has acquired products from Steelcase or if you are new to how we can provide you with the environment and tools to accomplish your goals better, faster and more effectively, now is the time to act.

[Offers available on a limited time only determined by Steelcase Financial Services. Please verify with us or Steelcase the validity of said offers.]